Swedish Relaxation Massage

60.00 45.00

• Decreased Stress, Anxiety and blood pressure levels.
• Lowered resting heart rate, promoting health and reducing stress-related ageing.
•Lower Fluid Retention and muscle tension.
• Reduced respiration rate, resulting in a relaxed breathing pattern.
• Enhanced digestion,  promoting efficient absorption of vitamins and minerals.
• Enhanced sleep patterns, mood & emotional state.
• Better circulation & immune response by stimulating movement of lymph fluid.
• Improved energy levels by removing toxins from the body.

Is Swedish &Relaxation Massage the therapy for me?

• Are you highly stressed?
• Are you carrying emotional/muscular tension?
• Do you have trouble sleeping or low energy levels?
• Do you have digestive problems?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you can benefit from a Swedish massage. Why not Book A Massage Today, relax and unwind from only €45 per hour.



“Swedish” massage promotes reduced stress and anxiety. This is achieved by using softer relaxing massage techniques to activate the body’s “parasympathetic” nervous system this encourages your body to release stress releasing, pain relieving and “feel good” hormones.

In high-stress people, the “sympathetic” nervous system is in high alert “fight or flight state”.When this part of the nervous system is activated it promotes hormones that result in an increase in blood pressure, heart rate, respiration levels.
Ongoing activation of this system and its accompanying hormones can create cellular damage decreased health, well being and the appearance of increased ageing.

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