Sports Massage for Exercise Performance

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Sports & Performance massage Benefits:
•Relief from muscle stiffness, spasm and joint pain
• Decreased risk of injury and muscle cramps.
• Enhanced muscle recruitment, responsiveness and strength.
• Improved Mobility, flexibility and endurance.
• Trigger point release, elimination of painful radiating points

Is Sports & Performance Massage for me?
• Are you involved in a competitive sport?
• Have you gotten more than three incidents of injury over the previous year?
• Do you exercise or train 3 or more times per week?
• Are you less mobile or flexible that you were a few months ago?
• Do you want to perform better in your sport or exercise?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you can benefit from a Sports massage. Why not Book A Massage Today, Improve performance from only €45 per hour.




This treatment uses elements of Deep Tissue and Remedial massage and is most commonly referred to as a “sports massage”.
Sports Massage is tailored to your sport/activity. Sports Massage uses special techniques to break down scar tissue, mobilise tight areas of fascia and muscle tissue, eliminating painful trigger points. Application of these techniques result in improved mobility, decreased pain & muscle tension, improved posture, muscle responsiveness, muscle recruitment and reduced injury risk. Sports massage uses advanced techniques to manipulate the nervous system,  resulting in large increases in flexibility,  muscle responsiveness, improved muscular recruitment and strenght adaptations and decreased joint tension.

Sports Massage is tailored to your overactive and underperforming areas. It uses assessment techniques to identify and systematically work through restrictions in the muscles/connective tissue with the primary goals of improving performance, muscle function, mobility, flexibility and decreasing injury risk and pain. It uses a combination of deeper massage strokes, pressure and stretching, targeting the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue

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