Sports Massage for Exercise Performance

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Sports & Performance massage Benefits:
• Decreased incidents of muscle cramps/tension
• Decreased muscular pain & joint pain by removal of pain stimulators
• Decreased risk of injury by reducing over active areas.

• Improved muscle recruitment & responsiveness, by normalizing tissue
• Increased Mobility & performance by decreasing restrictions
• Trigger point release, elimination of painful radiating points
• Improved body alignment and muscle energy
• Increased Flexibility with advanced manipulation methods

Is Sports & Performance Massage for me?
• Are you involved in competitive sport?
• Have you gotten more than three incidents of injury over a year?
• Do you exercise or train 3 or more times per week?
• Are you less mobile or flexible that you were a few months ago?
• Do you want to perform better in your sport or exercise?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you can benefit from a Sports massage. Why not Book A Massage Today, Improve performance from only €45 per hour.



This treatment uses elements of Deep Tissue and Remedial massage and is most commonly referred to as a “sports massage”.
Sports Massage is tailored to your sport/ activity. It uses assessment techniques to identify and systematically work through key muscles, with the primary goals of increased mobility, performance, muscle recruitment and decreased injury risk.
A combination of deep massage strokes, pressure, counter fibre techniques and various advanced stretching techniques are used to target restrictions in the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue

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