Personal Training


Benefits of Personal training:
Decrease body fat with high intensity, calorie melting sessions.
Decrease fatigue with improved muscular and cardiorespiratory fitness.
One to one instruction and motivation, detailed plans and goals to get into the shape your desire.
Detailed dietary advice and tips for fat loss or lean muscle gains.
Increase muscle tone through guided exercise plans.
Increased muscular strength, balance and endurance.

Is Personal training for me?
Do you find it difficult to maintain a regular exercise pattern?
Are you unhappy with your current physique and can’t manage to change it?
Are you over weight and know little about exercise or health diet?
Do you struggle with motivation?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you can benefit from Personal Training. Why not Book A session Today, Take the first step towards you goal today, from only €45 per hour.



Our Personal Training involves one to one training tailored to your fitness level and goals. We will assess your current fitness, body fat and strength and formulate a customized workout regime to meet your goal.
A combination of circuit training, , mobility ,dietary advice balance and strength training are used to achieve client goals. Typical sessions involve some elements of cardio vascular circuit training, balance and kettlebell strength training. Regimes core elements differ depended on personal goal

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