Massage Therapy For Chronic Headaches

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Headache Release benefits:
• Decreased frequency and intensity of chronic headaches
• Lowered Neck, shoulder & upper back Pain.
• Enhanced energy levels, breathing pattern & lower stress levels.
• Improved posture, upper body mobility and decreased injury risk

Is Headache Massage Therapy for me?
• Do you suffer from frequent headaches?
• Do you have poor upper body posture?
• Do you get upper, back, jaw, neck or shoulder pain?
• Do you spend much time sitting or looking downwards?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you can benefit from a headache massage.
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This treatment uses elements of Deep Tissue, Postural Release Massage and Remedial massage to treat areas of Postural dysfunction, trigger points and myofascial restrictions which can refer pain from the head, jaw, neck and shoulders triggering headaches.
A combination of deep massage strokes, pressure, counter fibre techniques, stretching are used on key areas eliminating any areas where pain may be referring or contributing to poor head posture. The primary goal of this therapy is to eliminate any factors that can cause or contribute to headaches either though referred pain or additional sensory input and stimulation of the cranial nerves. Numerous studies have identified links between these areas and chronic headaches. This therapy also aims to restore the muscles length and ability to comply with correct postural alignment and everyday movements

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