Chronic Pain Massage- Back, Knee, Shoulder & more

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Benefits of Chronic Pain Relief massage:
• Relief from Muscle Tension, stiffness and inhibited energy levels
• Decreased muscular & joint pain.
• Trigger point release, elimination of painful radiating points
• Increased Mobility, flexibility and reduced risk of injury.
• Enhanced postural alignment and muscle responsiveness.

Is Chronic Pain Massage for me?
• Have you ever had an accident or injury that has healed, but still gives you pain?
• Do you have pain that has slowly developed without a known cause?
• Do you feel tight through “pockets” or entire “groups” of muscles?
• Do you feel activity in untargeted muscles during exercise?

If you answered yes to any of the following questions, you can benefit from a Chronic Pain massage. Why not Book A Massage Today, Decrease chronic Pain from only €45 per hour.



This treatment uses elements of Deep Tissue Pain relief, Postural/corrective, Remedial and Sports massage. Chronic pain massage uses advanced techniques to manipulate the nervous system,  resulting in large increases in flexibility and improved posture. Special techniques are used to break down scar tissues, mobilise tight areas of fascia and eliminate trigger points resulting in improved mobility, decreased pain, improved posture and reduced injury risk.

Chronic pain Massage is tailored to your pain and problem areas. It uses assessment techniques to identify and systematically work through restrictions in the muscles and connective tissues. The primary goals of this treatment are pain relief and increased mobility. It uses a combination of deeper massage strokes, pressure and stretching, targeting the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue.

Popular 1: Chronic Lower Back
Most cases of lower back pain have their origin in the hips. However, with long-lasting Chronic Pain and problems, the body lays down structural support in the form of scar tissue. During the early stages, this facilitates healing, however, when this goes untreated for a number of months or years it becomes toughened, restricting muscles and their attached joints. In order to normalize movement and restore correct posture, surrounding areas must be mobilized and restrictions must be removed. Generally, the primary goal of chronic lower back treatment is to remove pockets of restrictions, restore muscle flexibility, restore muscle responsiveness and normalize postural balance.

Popular 2: Chronic Shoulder/chest pain
Many cases of chronic shoulder/chest pain have their origin in overly tight areas of the chest, arm and shoulder blade muscles. These overly tight areas alter the normal movement and stability of the shoulder. With an altered pattern of movement and chronically tight muscles, the body generally lays down scar tissue in areas it thinks requires“healing” and support. The scar tissue laid down ends up reinforces the poor movement pattern causing “frozen shoulder”, which limits mobility in the surrounding areas, inhibiting the smaller muscles that stabilise the shoulder joint. The shoulder becomes destabilized and pain quickly develops as the tight muscles pull on the surrounding joint structures giving way to inflammation and pain (e.g for example when pushing, or performing overhead movements). The combination of weak stabilising muscles and overly active areas causes a compensation which eventually leads to pain, if left on checked for months or years and becomes chronic ongoing pain which comes and goes or flares up after or during use.
Generally, the primary goal of chronic shoulder/ chest pain treatment is to remove scar tissue, restore mobility, normalize posture and responsiveness of the shoulder, arm and some cases neck and wrist.

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